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If there's one thing that excites us more than White Castle, it's the Serendipity Singers!


  1. I associate White Castle with very late nights when you've taken drugs and you're not completely really sure what they were. Much like the Serendipity Singers. What ARE they?

    1. As usual, Mr. P., you summed it up in a nutshell. A crazy, drug-fueled nutshell.

  2. I'm the proud owner of a 1967 Serendipity Singers LP called Love is a State of Mind. It's a slightly psychedelic version of an imitation 5th Dimension. It does not, sadly, contain their "Love Theme from White Castle."

  3. I realized that Ms. Somers's talent range was narrow, but I did not realize how razor-thin it was before seeing this, which would be an excellent number to include in the Paul Lynde Halloween special.