Something Special from Toni Tennille!

We love Toni Tennille, and we love dancers. We get both in this look behind the scenes, culminating in a number which, alas, only makes us crave Ann-Margret. Still, there's fun to be had. Enjoy!


  1. Random thoughts:

    - Michael Bennett has a lot to answer for;

    - But so does Juul Hallmayer;

    - American variety stylings really did lag; this would have looked old-hat a decade earlier in Italy, and Mina wouldn't have been caught dead in it; and

    - Goodness, but Toni Tenille has a lot of teeth...

  2. Miss Ann-Margret or Joey Heatherton would have slayed this. Those arms, Toni! At least she tried, unlike that horrid mess with Suzanne Somers recently posted.

  3. Lawd... half the time Miss Toni seems like she accidentally got caught in the number and is looking for an escape through one of those panels! I had forgotten about this gem from the C&T boxed set!